The Adventures of Stone Callahan-Book four- Flavor of Death

The Adventures of Stone Callahan-Book four- Flavor of Death

The Callahan Clean Earth Protocols have brought so much good—but everything has an opposite reaction.

Countless businesses from petroleum products to agriculture have crumbled under the weight of the Protocols. Eduardo Beira’s herbicide empire, a staple of South American agriculture for decades, didn’t survive. Neither did his father.

Consumed by revenge, he’ll do whatever it takes to avenge his father’s death and the loss of his family’s wealth.

Stone sees visions of people rushing from movie theaters across the United States, and he fears a mass shooting that would leave countless dead. When it doesn’t happen, he quickly realizes that Beira has much more sinister plans in mind.

Flavor of Death is the fourth of six installments in the Adventures of Stone Callahan, a thrilling eco-adventure of epic proportions! 

Lace up your boots, don your hat, and join Stone Callahan on his global journey to preserve the only planet humanity has ever called home. Download and read today!

R.F. Walden writes cli-fi, or climate fiction (though some call it eco-fiction and other variants), about the complex interactions of mankind and the environment—interactions that often come paired with catastrophic consequences when the wrong choices are made. Fans of Emmi Itäranta, Christiane Vadnais, Charles Franklin, and anyone with a strong desire to see planet Earth survive are sure to love Stone Callahan and all the other cli-fi adventures from R. F. Walden!

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