The Adventures of Stone Callahan- Book three- Emergency Broadcast

The Adventures of Stone Callahan- Book three- Emergency Broadcast

Visions of Dresden. A diabolical plot to kill thousands.

Electric cars are everywhere. Combustion engines have been relegated to museums, antiques, and odd collector’s piece. Cities all across the globe hum with the quiet, peaceful electric whirl of lower emissions.

Not everything is peaceful. Not everyone is content.

The oil barons and car manufacturers of ages past will not go silently into the pages of history. They’re going to fight back. With nearly unlimited resources at their disposal, Stone knows the fight will be a bloody one. Is he smart enough to prevent catastrophe? Is there still hope?

Emergency Broadcast is the third of six installments in the Adventures of Stone Callahan, a thrilling eco-adventure of epic proportions! 

Lace up your boots, don your hat, and join Stone Callahan on his global journey to preserve the only planet humanity has ever called home. Download and read today!

R.F. Walden writes cli-fi, or climate fiction (though some call it eco-fiction and other variants), about the complex interactions of mankind and the environment—interactions that often come paired with catastrophic consequences when the wrong choices are made. Fans of Daniel Quinn, Michael Christie, Octavia E. Butler, and anyone with a strong desire to see planet Earth survive are sure to love Stone Callahan and all the other cli-fi adventures from R.F. Walden!

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