Cli-Fi Novel

Cli-Fi Novel

The Death of a Planet called Earth

Whales push barrels of toxic waste onto pristine beaches. Loyal dogs attack their owners. All across the world, the animals are rising up against those who poison the earth.

Lila trusts science. There’s an answer for everything—or so she believes. But Lila comes from a place few have ever seen, a sanctuary nestled away in the hidden confines of an unnamed mountain: Canamith.

The city Elders believe the global phenomenon of strange animal behavior is an ill omen of worse things to come. They may be right, but no one knows for sure. After decades living as a scientist outsider her native Canamith, Lila is determined to find an answer… before its too late for everyone.

The Death of a Planet called Earthis an action-packed eco-thriller certain to keep fans of Margaret Atwood, Octavia E. Butler, and Barbara Kingsolver turning pages. Check out all of R.F. Walden’s cli-fi and eco fiction on Amazon and at today!

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