The Peace Gene

The Peace Gene

World peace is only a single DNA strand away!

The offer—a message beamed to Earth from the distant planet Proxima—comes as the prelude to first contact, and Earth erupts into chaos. But there isn’t much time: a ship from Proxima will enter Earth’s atmosphere in just seven days, and humanity must select three from billions to meet their new visitors.

On Proxima, Earth’s three emissaries are welcomed with all the fanfare of a ticker-tape parade. Alien beings line the streets, eager to learn human languages, cultures, and customs.

Then comes the modest proposal: a single edit to the human genome that would end all violence on Earth just as it had done for centuries on Proxima. No more crime, no more war, no more suffering.

Back home, war is already brewing on multiple fronts, and Earth’s intergalactic envoys haven’t even returned. What happens when they come back with alien DNA and a plan to alter humanity forever?

The Peace Gene is a thrilling new sci-fi adventure from R.F. Walden. Venture among the stars alongside Albert, Carlos, and Paige as they represent humanity and face choices with species-altering implications.

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The first editorial review has arrived. Here's the summary. I should hire this guy to be my agent! Thanks A.P. and eBookFairs. He gave the book 4-stars. I'll take it!

The Peace Gene by R. F. Walden is a thought-provoking and fast-paced novel that explores the idea of using genetic engineering for world peace. The author expertly weaves together themes of violence, morality, and inter-species relationships, leaving readers pondering the potential implications of such technology. This book offers a unique perspective on the age-old issue of war and the sacrifices that may be necessary to achieve lasting peace.

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